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We have traveled across the Arabic World, bringing you a collection of different famous Arabic dishes. Every single dish has its own story. Let's discover together these Arabic origins at Yasmine Restaurant today. After all, food tastes better when you know its story.

Koshari: It's said that first one who mentioned Koshari (or Kushari) in written history was Ibn Battuta (died 1377) in "A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Travelling, as he mentioned in the Indian description "they cook the meng with rice & margarine, they call it Koshari and they eat it every day on breakfast". The word Koshari is taken from the Sanskrit Language, it means rice with other ingredients.

Musakhan or Muhammar: A Palestinian dish made of grilled chicken cooked with onion, sumac, allspice and saffron with pine nuts on Taboon bread, all ingredients came from the agricultural environment in Palestine. Musakhan is a traditional dish and one of the dishes the two cities "Jenin & Tulkarm" are famous of. This dish has also spread around Jordan later and became one of the Jordanian kitchen dishes.

Kebab: The name is derived from the word "Kababu" in Old Aramaic Syrian language, which means "burning/frying". In 14th century, this word was used to describe the way of grilling minced meat in round shapes. On the other hand, Shish Kebab refers to pieces of meat grilled on skewers (Shish means skewer). In the western world, the word refers to grilled food on skewers like (Veggie Kabob) which is grilled vegetables, or (Corn Chicken Kabob) which is skewers of minced chicken covered in sweetened corn flour.

We collected all these plates and more in Yasmine restaurant. Discover with us our Arabic history and famous dishes and enjoy the rich flavors & the delicious drinks


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